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I have these facts for you!

1.The world's longest cake was 8,303 feet long- the length of about 28 football fields.
2.Giraffes are the only animal born with horns.
3.Your body contains 60,000 miles of blood vessels.
4.An 11 year old girl named the planet Pluto.
5.Spit can freeze in midair at the North Pole.
6.A male ostrich can roar like a lion.
7.You can buy potato flavored ice-cream in Idaho.
8.A Florida man can knot 39 cherry stems with his tounge in 3 minutes.
9.Astronauts' footprints stay on the moon forever; theres no wind to blow them away.
10.You can fry an egg on a hot sidewalk when it reaches 158 degrees Fahrenheit.
11.A shark can grow and lose up to 30,000 teeth in it's lifetime.
12.An eagle's nest can weighmore than a refrigerator.
13.Traffic lights were invented before cars.
14.Kids in the US use 730 crayons by their tenth b-day.
15.Mountain lions can whistle.
16.South Africa's giant bullfrog sometimes attacks lions.
17.A lock of Elvis Presley's hair was sold for $115,120.00.
18.No dogs are allowed in Antartica.
19.It would take 788,832,000 two-inch sticky notes to encircle the globe.
20.Most americans eat about 1,500 pb and j sandwiches before they graduate high school.
21.A jellyfish can be as small as a thimble or as big as 2 washing machines.
22.Kids blink 5 million times a year.
23.An elephant's head weighs up to 1,000 pounds.
24.20% of the food we eat fuel our brains.
25.A teaspoon of saltwater contains 5 million living organisms.
26.Sharks have existed longer than trees.
27.A slinky once rode the space shuttle into outer space.
28.The largest dinosaurs were vegetarians.
29.The world's oldest pet goldfish lived to 43 years old.
30.Humans can recognize 10,000 different smells.
31.4 asteroids are named after the Beetles.

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